Our company was started back on January 20th, 2017 and we have been creating ever since the start. We like to think that our imaginations will never limit us when it comes to creating all types of items. We create every thing we can out of wood, glass, ceramic, paper, 3D inks, and cloth. We try to reclaim, reuse, and recycle most of our materials we use to create our items, so we can better the environment by reducing waste. Were a very small company based in the shop of our owner's home, located in Manchester, NH. we love our New England roots and we believe it shows in the items we create that have a local feel to them. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and the items we have to offer. Have a good and creative day!

About Our Owner

Hello, my name is Robert Veilleux and I started this company on January 20th, 2017. I've been creating, painting, drawing, and designing most of my life, but in the past few years, I've committed more of my time to my creative side.  I went back to school and earn a degree in web design, animation, graphics, and business. After two and a half decades being in the demolition business, I wanted to start to create things, instead of destroy them. I feel that every item I create/design is a piece of me and the region I'm from. When these items are bought, I like the idea that someone is enjoy something I created and is displaying or wearing it proudly in their home, business or on their bodies.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to never limit our imaginations, to be creative,  to explore out of the box ideas and embrace new technologies to create our items. We will make a great efforts to reuse and reclaim materials to create our items, to help reduce the environmental impact of waste

Our Services & Equipment

We utilize many types of technologies and equipment. To create our laser items we use a Full Spectrum40watt  Laser. We use this laser to engrave and cut  the wood, glass, paper, and ceramic for our projects.

To create our 3D print items we utilize a M3D Quad Crane printer. This printer can print up to 50,000 colors and can use many types of inks depending on the strength and flexibility required per item.

To create our printed items, we use a digital ink printer. We mainly use this equipment to print on T-shirts. Were hoping to purchase screen printing equipment in the near future.